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Hmong New Hope Alliance Church, Auburn, GA

New Hope Worship leads the praise and worship of Hmong New Hope Alliance Church in Auburn, Georgia. They are a group of unique individuals, coming together as worshippers and friends. Having been formed almost six years ago, they stand to not only lead others into worship but to inspire the next generation of worshippers as well.

Speaker 1

Nina (N. Vaam Tub) Thao

Nina (Nkauj Ntxoo) Thao had been married to her husband Vam Tub for over 13 years now and they have a 12 year old son name Landon. They currently reside in Wausau, WI where they attend First Hmong Missionary Alliance Church. She's currently co-leading our Next Gen ministry, a part of our praise and worship team and leading a discipleship group as well as a part of a discipleship group.

"It has been wonderful serving the Lord and using what He has given me to glorify Him. I have been singing for over 20+ years and have 9 albums. None of which would have been possible without the guidance and provisions from my Lord and Savior. All that I do is for His gain and to further His kingdom." - Nina Thao

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Nyaj Xuv Xyooj

Nyaj Xuv started singing since 1997. He has established a recording studio and has composed songs for many artists since 1999. He is married to his wife Yer Chang in 1990 and together they have 5 children; four daughters and one son. Nyaj Xuv personally accepted Christ in 1991 and is currently a member of the First Hmong Alliance Church now located in Olathe, Kansas.

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N. Nruag Hawj

N. Nruas Hawj and her family worship on Sundays with Hmong American Alliance Church in Maplewood Minnesota. She has recently completed TEE Class in 2018 at her home church. The TEE component has been helpful in her music ministry. She has 6 Christian music albums. In her music ministry she is best known for "Sijhawm Dlhau Moog Zuj Zug" and "Nwg Yuav Nplig Kuv and Lub Homphaj." She is using YouTube to bring her songs to the world so that the messages of hope, love and salvation thru God can be heard. Her husband Nruas Hawj is a loving and a strong supporter of her music ministry. Together they have 17 children whom they enjoy spending time with.

Speaker 1

N. Ntxoov Zeb Xyooj

Nam Ntxoov Zeb Xyooj lives in Loganville, GA and she attends Victory Hmong Alliance Church in Hoschton, GA. She has 3 children; 1 daughter who’s married, 2 sons and one is married with two children.

She started singing to praise the Lord since 1986. For many years, she was a member of the “Peb Vaaj Peb Tsev (PVPT) Band, Sound of Joy (SOJ), Victory Voice, and served as Music Director in the churches. She has also served with Hmong District Alliance Women and Hmong District through her singing talent. She has been invited to sing at many church events. She is passionate in supporting the younger generation for ministries.

On her free time, N. Ntxoov Zeb and her husband love to go to the ocean to enjoy its beauty and take picture. She loves traveling to see the world.